Monday, January 17, 2011

Writing Picture Books CBI Clubhouse


  1. I'm always so envious of writers who produce colourful books. Such a lovely thing to do, and I sometimes wish I had followed that path, instead of writing children's historical fiction. I just love the side illustrations on this blog.

  2. Carole, If you look in the upper left-hand corner and click on the "". You can create your own colorful sides to a blog. It's super easy.I wish I could take credit for the great illustrations, but I can't. I downloaded them for free.

    As for the historical fiction comment, I LOVE historical fiction. And if that's your gift, that's what you have to write for. In a way, I'm jealous of writers who can do historical fiction and nonfiction. There are so many people who want to write fiction, that our market is SO hard to break into. Some might say nearly impossible. I'm an eternal optimist, though, so I feel confident that I'll wear them down one down, though. They'll say " Would somebody please publish this Stanford chick. She keeps sending me stuff. Maybe if we publish her, she'll leave us alone for a bit." LOL:)One can only hope:)