Sunday, January 9, 2011

Book # 5 David Goes To School

Before I wrote my review on David Goes To School by author David Shannon, I found myself reading it one more time, just to give it another chance. In all honesty, this book is not one of my favorites-even though plenty of really great writers have highly recommended it. 1. I hate that the teacher is painted as the villain in the story. (Well, duh! I'm a teacher) 2. I didn't think that there was anything really special about the writing in the book. In regards to description, it was pretty matter-of-fact, and it didn't really SHOW me anything. In fact, it looks like something that one of my students could write.

And that's when it hit me like a foul ball. That's it! It does look like something one of my students could write. Therefore, if I use this in my classroom, the students might feel a little less intimidated by writing.(Cue angels playing harps) David Goes to School is actually the perfect model of the kind of writing that is acceptable in my grade-level.

So even though this book is not my favorite, I am giving it a thumbs up. Because 1. Even a mean teacher like myself, can see the educational benefits of using this picture book in my class. This story is perfect to model the basics of writing! And then, we can add to that foundation. 2. The colorful and humorous illustrations would draw children into the story. They are pretty funny! 3. The teacher does-sort of-redeem herself at the end of the story by giving David a star for cleaning up. So, obviously, David isn't trying to TOTALLY vilify educators.

So if you're looking for an easy reader for young children or struggling readers, this book is a great choice. And if you're looking for a book to teach the basics of writing, this is also a great choice. Because even though it's not the most descriptive book on the planet, it's definitely worth another read.


  1. Our 4K kids LOVE these books (including my own 4-year-old). David Shannon actually wrote No, David when he was a little kid. My son loves to think that he can read it himself (plus Daddy's name is David, so he likes to read it to him and giggle).

  2. My boys love it, too. They laugh and laugh at the illustrations.

    Plus, I think my youngest son sees a bit of himself in David. They are a lot alike. And luckily, his teacher gives him stars (actually smiley faces) at the end of the day, too:)