Saturday, January 8, 2011

Book # 3 The Hippo-Not-Amus

When Little Hippo decides that he's bored with a life of sitting in the water and munching on brown grass, he makes up his mind to become something else altogether. With great repetition and silly attempts at becoming different creatures, this young Hippo-gir-ele-potamus makes even the most reluctant readers want to turn the pages of this book.

I knew that this book was something special, when I saw one of my most relucant readers dive into it, head first. And one week later, she still hasn't come up for air. She even asked if I would read it to the class because she loved it so much. And 6 months ago, this child would have never asked me to read a book aloud.

I give The Hippo-Not-Amus, by Tony and Jan Payne, a high-five. And thank Tony and Jan Payne, for my making my job as a reading teacher a little easier.

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