Sunday, January 30, 2011

Rejection Stings

“Rejection stings a bit,” they say.
But I don’t even care.
I’ll go on writing for myself
pretending they’re not there.

I’ll read their marks and grow and change;
And thank them all the while.
Won’t even feel rejection’s sting
cause’ I’ve got too much style.

“Rejection smarts a mite” they say.
But I won’t even mind.
I’ll keep on writing every day,
And leave their words behind.

I’ll learn my craft and make my mark.
My time is drawing near.
And when I’m at my book signing,
I’ll grin from ear-to-ear.

*If you're feeling a little saucy, you could change the ending to:
And when my book is out at last,
"Cha-ching" is all I'll hear.
* I have an even saucier ending on file, but you'll have to email me for that one. It's not PG at all.


  1. Thanks, ladies! Glad you liked it:)

  2. Very cute! Loving it! And you're piquing my curiosity about the non-PG version!

    P.S.: You're my Friday Follower this week! just popped by to let you know your blog is being showcased on mine! :)

  3. P.P.S.: Sorry for multiple posts, but just noticed that your blog description "CHILDREN'S WRITERS ARE ALL A BIT MAD..." has got a typo: 'the' rather than 'they' before 'continue to talk to their imaginary friends'. Just thought you should know! :)

  4. Thanks, JC, for the #FF and typo alert. I appreciate both:)

    P.S. Glad I piqued your interest. Feel free to email me for the non pg version.