Thursday, January 20, 2011

How To Make A Book Trailer

If you want to be a successful writer in today's market, you have to be a little bit savy when it comes to self promotion. And one of the things that seems to be big right now is making book trailers.

Why? you ask. Well, they're simple create. They're cheap to make. And if they're of really good quality, they could help sell your book.

So what is a book trailer anyway?

A book trailer is a lot like the previews that you see at the movies. The only difference that I can see is that movie previews are a lot more expensive to make, and you don't actually see a book trailer during a movie. In a nutshell, a book trailer is like a commercial for your book.

So where do you see book trailers?

Book trailers can be viewed at a lot of different places: your blog, your website, your agent's blog or website, youtube, and pretty much anywhere you want to post it on the internet.

Do I really need to make a book trailer?

Well, that depends. If you're Jane Yolen or Eric Carle, then probably not.(Jane Yolen still makes them) But if you're new to this industry, I'm going to say yes.

There are a lot of books out on the market these days. And when it comes to unknown authors and known authors, who would you pick? I know who I would pick.

Buying a book is kind of like going to your favorite restaurant. If you had a choice between a dish that is absolutely delicious and one that you've never had, you're going to order the one that is delicious. Well, books are the same. And most people are a lot like me. Money is tight these days, and we don't want to throw it away on the unknown. So If I have a choice between Nicholas Sparks and some newbie, I'm going to pick Nicholas Sparks. He churns out book after book, and they're amazing.

So do new authors even have a shot?

Absolutely. If I didn't believe that, then I wouldn't even be writing this post today. I'm an aspiring author.

The trick to being successful in anything, though, is all about two things: knowledge and talent. The knowledge part I can help you with. The talent part is something that we all have to work on ourselves.

Have you ever bought a book based on a book trailer?

Yes. I've seen at least two book trailers that I thought looked awesome, and have purchased the book as a result.

I've also purchased books based on people's blogs or webpages. If I read a person's blog and I think 'They are freakin' hilarious', then I'll definitely take a chance on their book. But that's just me.

Have you ever made a book trailer?

Yes. It was terrible. But yes, I've made one.

What is the best way to learn to make a video trailer?

Well, watching this first youtube video couldn't hurt. And then I'd suggest watching a lot of video trailers. That's the only way you'll really be able to see what looks good and what doesn't.

I have posted a really cute picture book video trailer below. Let me know what you think of it. I'd also love to hear anything you have to say about making a video trailer. Or you could tell everyone where we could find your video trailer. If you are an author, I would love to post your video trailer on my site-provided that it's pg. It doesn't have to be a picture book video trailer either.


  1. Cute one! I haven't considered this yet, but it is something I've put in the back of my head for "someday when I'm published". I love trailers (book and movie)!

  2. Thanks for posting that video :-) I'm looking forward to trying out trailer-making!