Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Read Across America Activity # 4

Create a who.

A who?

A who.

Wait. What do we do?

Create a who!

One of the things that is becoming increasingly important in education these days is cross curricular teaching. Simply put. You need to cram as much as you can into one activity to maximize a child's learning potential.

'Why?' you ask. Well, because a teacher's/child's day is getting shorter and shorter due to state mandated EXTRA stuff. And as a result, the days of teaching one subject at a time are gone. Instead, we are replacing them with activities that incorporate a lot of subjects at once a.k.a cross curricular teaching.

A great activity for cross curricular instruction during 'Read Across America Week' is creating a who. Below are the instructions for the activity, and a list of subjects/skills that you are practicing.

1. Read a Dr Suess book featuring a who OR have your students read a story independently or with a buddy. (comprehension, vocab, phonics,and fluency)

2. Create a who or whos on Suessvile. (art)

3. Cut it/them out and glue them to one or more writing papers.(art)

4. Write a story that goes along with your whos OR retell the story that you read in your own words. ( writing lesson or comprehension lesson, depending on writing or retelling)

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