Saturday, February 12, 2011

Four Eyes

When I was just a little girl
my mama said to me,
that eating carrots every day
would help my eyes to see.

I chomped and slurped my vegetables,
and gave up eating sweets.
Instead of eating candy bars,
I gobbled healthy treats.

And all the while I hated it,
but somehow I got through.
I listened to my mom’s advice
and swallowed all that goo.

But then one day as I looked up,
I couldn’t see the class.
My teacher handed me a note-
a dreaded nurse’s pass.

She made me read a tiny sign
with blotches and ink drops.
I guess I didn’t score that well
because she called my Pops.

He took me to the eye doctor,
who said a dreaded word.
“Your daughter can not see at all.
Her vision is so blurred.

If you report to our front desk
they’ll give you what she needs,
a purple pair of reading specs
to wear each time she reads.”

And that’s the day I learned the truth
about my mother’s lies.
I know she thought that it was best,
but still I got four eyes.

So when your parents say “Eat up!”
and list the reasons why.
Remember, kids, it’s just a scam,
and eat your apple pie.

*This poem is based on true events.

And 22 years later, I'm still mad!

* And to all the kids who might be reading this,
spinach does not make you have muscles like Popeye.
That is a lie too!


  1. Awesome rhyme Jessica! Do you still like veggies? You should put this in the Goodreads poetry contest. All you have to do is join the postry group on there.

  2. I got mine in 8th grade! We were stuck in England at the time and the military base had a choice of 3 kinds....ALL UGLY! So yeah, I am mad too! But I got even! I had LASIK! :D now, I'm starting to need reading glasses! Ugh! I just can't get away from them!