Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Read Across America Activity # 3

Head over to the 'Read Across America' site on Suessville, and download your free activity booklet.


  1. Will do, I adore that cat in the hat!

  2. These are great posts, Jess! Wish I had a class to teach! : )

  3. Carole,
    What grade do you teach? I'm teaching 2nd graders this year. Love them!

    Your little ones would LOVE making whos on Suessville. I'll post the link tomorrow as my activity. My students dress and create whos during free centers, and send them to my email.
    It's not really educational exactly, but it's fun. I might just send you one this week. Be on the lookout for a who in your email.

  4. These are so fun! They remind me of a time in high school when I organized a trip to an elementary school for Read Across America. Ah, the good ole' days! Haha! I also loved reading picture books to my high school and junior high school classes when I (ahem) grew up.