Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tip Tuesday and Waaaasup Wednesday Combined

Since I ranted yesterday, today I will combine Tip Tuesday and Waaaasup Wednesday. Here goes.

Tip# 2
Don't eat yellow snow!Hehehehehe

And,Waaasup, followers! Here's the scoop. Right now, I'm working on two stories at once: Owl, Be Home By Morning and Lily's Pad. You've already heard about Owl, Be Home by Morning, so I'll tell you the premise of Lily's Pad.

In Lily's Pad, Lily the frog, gets lost trying to chase a whizzing dragonfly. After she loses the dragonfly, she suddenly realizes that she doesn't know where she is. After a brief second of panic, she remembers a tip that her mother told her, "Follow the lillies til' you find ten, and you'll find your way back home again". Long story short, Lily will follow the lily pattern of numbers, until she reaches her pad/home.

So what do you think of Lily's Pad? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Another good storyline Jessica - Love the pun in the name!
    As for your other post, I'd be glad to review something for you, and I'd love to get some eyes on some of my stuff, too. Are you in a critique group or forum of some sort?
    Take care,

  2. Melissa,
    Thanks!It's hard to find people who want to look at PB's. And I have friends who beta, but not a real critique group. At times, other writing buddies have sent me their stories and vice-versa, but it hasn't really turned into anything more. Right now, I have a few stories on They're accepting practice critiques before the online conference. I'm definitely open to joining a critique group, though. And in regards to your stories, send them to my email anytime.
    I love reading other writer's stories. It makes me feel a little less lonely in this solitary hobby/future career. Plus, networking is awesome. We all might be in a position to help one another out some day.
    Take care,

  3. And Melissa,
    I also have a profile on Writer's Digest.
    Check the site out.
    I've met a lot of really great people there, and learned a few things, too.