Thursday, July 1, 2010

Computer Crash

Ever wonder why they call a computer dying, a computer "crash"? Well I know. Because when your computer dies, you can't help but feel like you've been blind sided by a two ton vehicle that blew through a stop sign.

As a human with technological needs, you come to rely on your computer. To some extent, loosing you computer is like breaking up with a boyfriend.

Seriously though, think about it. All week long, there hasn't a moment when I didn't wonder 'When will my computer come back(from Staples)? Should I get a new computer? What in the world am I going to do if my new computer doesn't make me feel the way that my old computer did(user friendly)?

This "crash" has caused me serious damage,both mental and physical.

My hands are stiff, stiff because they long to caress the one thing that will make everything right again-my keyboard.

My mind is racing, racing because I have a million images and stories flitting through my brain, and no way to capture them.

I feel awkward, the kind of awkward that a person feels in a crowd of strangers when they're not quite sure what to do with their hands or how to stand. Should I stand straight or lean? Should I fold my arms or does that make me seem uncomfortable with the situation?

%$#@(Golly Gee), I should just go sit in my old computer chair. Maybe reminiscing with the two, deep depressions that usually hold my butt cheeks, will get me through this intensely uncomfortable period in my life?

On second thought, I'm not waiting one more minute for that recovery disc to to it's job. This relationship is over. Sayonara, old computer. I'm moving on to a bigger and better computer. One with more ram and memory. Right after you give me back my stuff-a copy of my hard drive. I'm not leaving you with a thing!

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  1. “To some extent, loosing you computer is like breaking up with a boyfriend.”— I hear you, Jessica. It can be really hard to take if your computer malfunctioned and cannot be used anymore, especially when you realized that you haven't saved all of your necessary files, or created a back-up file.