Saturday, July 17, 2010

Super Science Saturday

It's obvious when watching this video, that these boys are having a blast. With a few, common household items, they are able to inflate a balloon. It has all the fun of magic, yet all the predictability of science. Not to mention, there's the possibility of the balloon popping, looming in the distance. And what little boy doesn't like a good explosion?

So how does this experiment work? Well, it's simple. When the baking soda and vinegar combine, a chemical reaction creates a gas called carbon dioxide-the same gas that is expelled from our lungs when we breathe. So in a way, this is the same way that any human being would blow up a balloon. It's just a little more creative.

It's a super way to introduce gases to your students. Because gases are invisible to the naked eye, the balloon is a great way to SHOW the gas. It's not as cool as lighting your own farts, but your butt will thank you for opting to go in another direction.

So enjoy, fellow Mad Scientists and Kitchen Chemists. And,remember,Science is awesome! Lighting your own farts is not!

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