Saturday, October 23, 2010


When you're a writer, even the most mundane tasks become a chance to practice your craft.

Leave it til’ tomorrow
Aroma of stinky socks fill the air
Underwear drawers are empty
Never ending pile of clothes
Detergent oozes out of the bottle
Really?Am I the only one who knows how to operate this machine?
Y do these clothes mock me?

*Am I the only one who does this? Are there support groups for this? Seriously. I need help!


  1. I don't write poetry too much, but I have flash fiction pieces galloping through my head constantly. Good luck with the laundry!

  2. Hey, we must both be writers. I have the same laundry issue at my house! Wanna come over and help?

  3. Love it! And no, you aren't the only one. I make up little poems and stuff in my head a lot too. Especially when faced with the tedium of housework!!

  4. Lisa, Thanks! I need it! I hate doing laundry, or pretty much any housework for that matter.I couldn't be less Martha Stewartish like if I tried.

    Christie, thanks. I will come over and to hang out though. We could have a pb party!It's like a pajama party, minus the pajamas and with more writing. I think we'd make a great writing duo.

    Megan, Glad I'm not alone. I think we should form a support group. Seriously! We need help!