Friday, October 15, 2010

Celebrating My 50th Follower

Holla! Holla! I finally have a 50th followa'. Yay! And, in honor of this awesome milestone in my blogging/ writer career, I'm going to celebrate all weekend long.

'How?' you ask. Well for starters, I'm going to give a great, big, virtual hog hug to all of my followers.

Then, I'm going to give away a free picture book, just to prove how awesome they really are.

And the winner is...Dangerous With A Pen. Please email me your home address, and I will send you an amazing picturebook. You should receive the book within 2-4 weeks.

And lastly, I'm going to do my happy dance, while lighting fireworks.

Followers/Friends, I hope you enjoyed the hog hug, video, and flashtacular fireworks; and imagined a pasty, pre-middle aged school teacher dancing in between Will and Carlton. I tried to figure out how to edit myself into the video because I thought it'd be funnier, but my technology skills are limited. This was the best I could do. Sorry:( Maybe, I can figure it all out before the 100th follower joins the blog.

Thanks, Everyone! Happy Blogging:)


  1. Hey Jessica, congrats on 50 followers (woot!).


  2. Congratulations! Just hit mine last week, too.

  3. Hey what about that embarrassing photo you promised?