Monday, October 4, 2010

For The Fun Of It

Warning: This poem has not been edited for grammatical errors or meter. It was written for the sheer fun of it. Enjoy:)

My Mom's A Nut
by: Jessica Stanford

My mother tried to warn me
to stay away from thee.
"Your eyes will cross, or you'll go blind
from watching that t.v!"

I didn't heed the warning.
I thought it was absurd.
And now my eyes are criss crossing
just like a cuckoo bird.

Next time, I swear I'll listen
to my dear mom's advice.
I'll clean my room and do my chores-
won't have to ask me twice.

Unless, she tells me no t.v.
It makes your eyesight bad.
On second thought, my mom's a nut.
I'll listen to my dad.


  1. Ha ha :-)

    I'm a fellow crusader and stopped by to say hi :-)

  2. That was fabulous. I love it. :)

    I have an award for you at my blog.

  3. That was great! Thanks for sharing. Love the last two lines.

  4. Haha... thanks for sharing :)

  5. This is great! The poem is funny, sweet and have rhythm. The poetry is engaging.

    I also love the header at the top of your blog. I'm new!

  6. Everyone, Thanks! It was fun to write. Sometimes we just need to write for the fun of it:)

    Alison-Thanks! I'm so excited. I've seen others win blogging awards, but I never really knew how that was determined. Thank You! I'm so glad that you like the blog. I put a lot of thought into what I write, and I always wonder if people are stopping by because they like it, or because they feel sorry for me.

    Just of out curiousity, how do I go about posting my award? I'm relatively new to all of this, so I haven't a clue. Do I just copy it and post it like clip art? I'm so excited. I want to post it immediately:)Thanks, again!

    And, thanks to everyone who follows the blog. I hope we can learn and grow together.