Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Song of the City

Warning: This poem was written for the sheer fun of it. I have not checked it for meter or syllable count. Nor have I have lost any sleep over it-mostly because I wrote it an hour ago.

Sometimes you just have to write what's in your heart, without any intention of it being published traditionally. And on this day, in particular, I was just thinking about the background noise of the world, and how its like lullaby of sorts.

The Song of the City
As I lay in bed, with my eyes shut tight,
The glow of the street lamps light up the night.
With a zip and a zat, they click on like that.
And I hear the song of the city.

As the planes fly by, like a flash in the sky,
The sounds of their engines soar upon high.
With a woosh and a creek, tiny flaps start to squeak.
And I hear the song of the city.

As the cabs speed past, with their fares in tow.
They race through the night in the streets below.
With a honk and a beep, as I try to sleep.
And I hear the song of the city.

As the train chugs on, like a sad soft song,
With a haunting refrain, that I must sing along.
With a choo and a choo, I feel like a snooze,
As I hear the song of the city.

As my eyes flip flap, like the wings of a dove.
And the stars blink high, in the sky above.
With a ZZZZZZ like a roar, I begin to snore.
And I add to the song of the city.

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