Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's New With Me?

This summer was rough. In the late spring, I received a few rejections-worded very nicely, not too tough to swallow-and I was feeling really bummed about writing in general.

And while I know I said that I would let rejections roll off of my back and learn from them in a poem posted on this very blog, I didn't at first. I let them simmer and stew. And soon, my bummed feelings turned into full blown, bury your head in the sand-itis.

Seriously, I was like an ostrich. I burried my head under my pillow and refused to write.Ideas would come to me, and I would ignore them. The imaginary characters that tried to whisper to me, had found that I was holding my ears and yelling 'Lalalalalalalala' at the top of my lungs, like a stubborn kid who doesn't want to listen to his mother.

It was really quite sad. Imagine a 34 year old acting like that.

But then Fall arrived-or at least the beginning of the school year in Florida-and I was feeling hopeful again. I simply couldn't ignore my friends anymore.

After all, they hadn't abandoned me. I had abandoned them.

So slowly, I took my fingers off of my ear lobes and started listening again. And what I heard, was a funny, rhyming picture book story about barnyard animals who like to excercise each morning, before the farmer wakes up.

Picture dogs jogging by with sneakers on. Imagine cows doing yoga by the plow. Visualize ducks playing hockey. If you can do that, you'll have an idea of what 'Barnyard Exercise' is all about.

So that's what I've been up to, bloggers: burying my head in the figurative sand, recovering from rejection, learning from rejection (hopefully), and writing a funny story about barnyard animals.My only prayer is that someone will see the story, and be just as happy with it as I am.

So here I am, crossing my fingers and throwing my intentions into the universe.

I'll let you know if the universe throws anything back:)


  1. We all go through this at some stage or other. Very normal. My answer to a rough patch is to read other people's work, in the style, genre etc that is similar to my own - I read and read and read and find that it motivates me to begin again.

  2. Your story idea sounds like a winner. Glad you're back!

  3. It is an excellent story, Jess. I'm very glad you are back in the saddle!

  4. Yeah, rejection sucks, but it seems you've bounced back nicely, good luck with your new story.

  5. Welcome Back! Love the story idea!

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