Sunday, August 21, 2011

Writing In Rhyme Can Be Such A Rough Climb

Think you have what it takes to write in rhyme, just because you know a few rhyming words and a have a cute idea for a story? Think again!

Writing in rhyme is tough. Not only do you have to tell a story with perfect meter-Huh?-but you also have to progress the story and have a unique twist. Which in case no one told you, isn't easy.

About a year ago and a half ago, I started writing in rhyme. And although I hate to admit it, I thought rhyming would be a breeze. After all, how hard could it be? Dr. Seuss made it look so darned easy, with so few words.

But little did I know, just how hard it would be. And when I submitted my first story to one of my critique groups-fully expecting to get rave reviews-what I found instead, was that I was greeted by a bunch of meter maids, who politely hit me with their buckets, then ran me over with their (figurative) livestock.

OUCH! Painful!

And I don't want that for you guys. I don't want you to be assaulted by a bunch of meter maids (or men). I want you to know what you're doing.

So today, I've posted a lovely little video-courtesy of wikihow-detailing how to write in rhyme, or at least scan your rhymes. And I hope that it will help you, like it helped me.

Good luck, fellow rhymers!

Rhyming Resources

*This post was inspired by a very clever meter man. And if you're reading this, you now who you are:)

They look so friendly, don't they?

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