Sunday, September 18, 2011

Waiting and Heartache

This week, I finally did it. I finally sent out my story 'The Barnyard Exercise'.After much debate and advice my from awesome critique group and writers on Writeoncon, I finally deemed it ready for the eyes of literary agents throughout the word-well, mostly New York, anyway.

'And how's that going?' you ask.

Well, not so good.

The day after I submitted my story, I got a bite. Yippee! Hooray! I'm on my way! A literary agent liked my query, so I sent in my 150 word manuscript to the agent with all the hope that a heart could hope.

And.... he didn't like it. Wah! Wah! Wah! Heartache!

He did have some very positive things to say about the manuscript, however. So I'm not going to consider it a complete wash.

So now what?

Well, I wait and hope some more. Maybe others will like my little ms. After all, 'Carrie' received like 30 rejections before someone decided to publish that work of genius. And 'Gone with the Wind', received 38 rejections. And that is a classic, my friends.

Not that I'm saying 'Barnyard Exercise' is the same league as either of those books. That would be laughable.

But am I saying, that one rejection isn't going to cause me to cower beneath the covers, or shake beneath the sheets. I will hold onto hope until the very last rejection comes back. And even then, I will search for even the smallest hint of advice, and use it to make my story better. Because my little story is cute and original, I tell ya. And I believe it could be successful.

So my questions to you guys and gals are these: Have you ever had an experience like this? Did your story get picked up eventually, or did you give up? What advice do you have for other writers ont this particular subject?


  1. Hey Jessica,

    It's GREAT that you got a bit so fast. And encouraging that he had some positive feedback for you. Did he give you any constructive comments... anything to explain what wasn't working for him?

    One response is certainly not enough to make you lose hope. But "specific" criticisms can often help you get over that last hurdle.

  2. That's brilliant Jess, how fast was that. Way better than subbing something that's either rubbish or just not ready (hides behind curtain). Good luck with your other queries, Barnyard Exercise is so good, you're bound to get a bite.