Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kids Say the Darndest Things

So today, I was huddled in my computer room, sending out query-after-query, when my four year old happened into the room.

"Whatcha doing, mommy?" he asks, as he removes his saliva soaked thumb from his mouth.

"Well, buddy," I start to answer, as if he'll know what I'm talking about. "Mommy is sending out her story today. You see, if mommy ever wants to see her story become a book, I have to send it to people who can make that happen."

Suddenly, Josh shrieks. "No, mom, I wanna hear your story every day! If you send it out, I will never get to hear it!"

To which I reply, "It's okay, buddy. I have a copy. And when it gets published, I promise that you'll be the first person to get a signed copy."

Josh looks at me with a raised brow. " What's that?" he asks, innocently.

To which I respond with a hug, "Nevermind, I guess you have to be five to appreciate that!" and chuckle.

Then, of course, I retell my picturebook, from memory.

And Josh, says all the words with me:)

God, I love my kids!


  1. Ha, reminds me of when we got my daughter a new toddler bed, and my mom said, "Let's put it on that wall."

    "No," my two year old shrieked. "I don't want it on the wall. I want it on the floor!"

  2. Isn't that great? My kids are already writing a sequel to one of my PBs that is yet to be published!