Sunday, May 20, 2012

Looking to find the new, best selling young adult book, before it becomes a bestseller? Look no more. It's Struck, by Jennifer Bosworth. Mark my words. It's going to be RED HOT!

The trailer pretty much says it all, but in case you're looking for more, here's a brief description:
In sunny California, near the Peunte Hills fault line, a storm is brewing, and an epic battle between good and evil will decide the fate of the world.

Who will win? The prophet and the Church of Light, or the seekers?

Which side will Mia, a lightning addict, choose when her family is split down the middle, like a fault line in the City of Angels?

And who will help Mia in this epic showdown? The boy she calls 'Nightmare Boy', a cult led by a man they call 'The Prophet', or a group of renegades that have already been proven to be master manipulators?

Which side will you choose? The battle begins May 8th, at book stores around the world.   

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