Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Today kicks off the birthday season is the Stanford Household. And as such, I thought it was appropro to write a little poem to honor my boys. For without those two little monkeys, I would a sailboat without the wind. They give me direction and purpose, and inspire me to try to be better than I actually am, which is no small feat.

Raising Boys
Sticky fingers
Tiny toes
Muddy hands
Runny nose

Messy rooms
Tender hearts
Noisy burps
Stinky Farts

Empty cupboards
Tousled beds
Whiny cries
Sleepy heads

Booming laughs
Tattered toys
Oh the joys of
Raising boys

Sunday, May 27, 2012

To say that I'm a little obsessed with the undead and paranormal books, is probably a bit of an understatement. In a world with harsh realities and paying bills and scrubbing toilets (Did I mention being an adult stinks?), I like to escape from the real world on a semi-daily basis, and live in a fantasy world where kick-butt female protagonists save the day and gorgeous immortal males say and do all the things that us mere mortal women dream of at night. I mean, who wouldn't want snuggle up with a gorgeous paranormal at the end of the day? They never age. They never get that uber gross beer belly and back hair that comes with middle-age and calories. And for some unknown reason, they're almost always super hot. I mean what is up with that, no uggos ever get turned into werewolves or vamps or zombies? Or when they do, their bodies undergo such vast changes to their DNA that they're all of the sudden hot? I digress, let me get back to the point.

The point is that one of my favorite vamp book series', The Chicagoland Vamp Series, by Chloe Neill, is about to release another book, Biting Cold. And if you click on the picture of the book cover, you can preview the first chapter of the book on Neill's website. So check it out! If this first chapter is any indication of how the rest of the book will go, I'd say that loyal readers of the series will be sated.  


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Looking to find the new, best selling young adult book, before it becomes a bestseller? Look no more. It's Struck, by Jennifer Bosworth. Mark my words. It's going to be RED HOT!

The trailer pretty much says it all, but in case you're looking for more, here's a brief description:
In sunny California, near the Peunte Hills fault line, a storm is brewing, and an epic battle between good and evil will decide the fate of the world.

Who will win? The prophet and the Church of Light, or the seekers?

Which side will Mia, a lightning addict, choose when her family is split down the middle, like a fault line in the City of Angels?

And who will help Mia in this epic showdown? The boy she calls 'Nightmare Boy', a cult led by a man they call 'The Prophet', or a group of renegades that have already been proven to be master manipulators?

Which side will you choose? The battle begins May 8th, at book stores around the world.   

Monday, April 16, 2012

Obsessed with Divergent? Love Number Four? If 35,000 people preorder 'Insurgent', by Veronica Roth, before the release date, she'll release an unpublished scene from 'Insurgent', from Four's perspective. SQUEE!

Come on, people. I need some more Four. LOL:)

And when you're done, check out this really cool post on Pageturners, my new favorite book site, and learn even more about 'Insurgent' and Team Dauntless.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ok. So this is going to my last post today. Promise. But what kind of book junkie would I be, if I didn't share the links to some 'super sneak peeks' (Insurgent and Deadlocked)?

"Wait.You have sneak peeks of 'Insurgent' by Veronica Roth and 'Deadlocked' by Charlain Harris?" you ask. "No way!"

WAY. Double WAY.

To read them, click on the book covers.


Enjoy, bloggers!

Ok. If you're visiting this site and you're like me, you're probably a complete and total book junkie, beyond obsessed with the written word. And as such, you've probably read one of the hottest new books out there, Divergent.

But let's just say, for argument's sake, that you've been in a coma for the last year and that you haven't had a chance to read the book yet-You know, because you've been out there relearning how to walk, eat, and read all over again. Listen carefully, stop reading this post immediately and go buy/check-out/read 'Divergent'. Your quality of life will be better off for it.

NOW. Seriously. Right now.

Then, when you're done reading the book, come back to this post, follow the link to the factions quiz, and write a comment declaring your faction. Because if you're like the rest of the world and obsessed with this book, you're probably going to want to know what your faction is. And, ofcourse, you'd be ever so proud to let the whole world know what your faction.

It's not a tatoo, mind you. But it's the next best thing.

Mine, just in case you were wondering, is Amity. Although,I probably just overode the simulation-you know,like us divergents are know to do-and was able to make myself look like less of a threat to the other factions.

What faction do you belong to, bloggers? Take the following quiz with me and have a little fun.