Saturday, April 9, 2011

1 More Query Left

Want to read advice on how to make your query and cover letters better? Over at Writeoncon, the lovely Mrs. Fischer of The Bradford Literary Agency is accepting 50 query and cover letters, LIVE. And when the magic number is reached, she will give all kinds of feedback.

The way see it, even if you don't make the cut, you'll still get some really valuable insight from an industry insider. So get over there, people! MOVE IT. MOVE IT. MOVE IT.

As for me, I am number 49. How awesome is that? I feel like a character from a Pittacus Lore novel. So please insert ominous, robotic voice as you say my name...I Am Number 49. Because that's how I say it.


  1. Tip #1 Make sure everything is correct before you send out your letters. Unfortunately-because of time constraints-I didn't do a great job proofreading, apparently. Yikes! I just noticed 2 mistakes.

  2. A great offer indeed, and yes, I'll do the robot bit! :0)