Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snow Day

Snow Day
by Jessica Stanford

I didn’t go school today,
for I was feeling sick.
My tummy ached and lurched about.
I couldn’t eat a lick.

I sneezed and wheezed an awful lot.
My Mum rang up the doc.
He quickly came and looked at me.
His face was filled with shock.

“Your boy is ill-so gravely ill-
I think his time is through.
I’ll try my best-my very best-
But that’s all I can do.”

“The signs are here-so very clear-
I think you’d better sit.
I fear your boy is fading fast.
I can not help a bit.”

“Too bad he’s not out with his friends,
enjoying this snow day.”
“What’s that?” I ask. “ What did you say?
We don’t have school today?”

Then, I jumped up. “I’m healed!” I yelled.
My sheets fell to the floor.
I threw my snow suit on, and then
I raced right out the door.