Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dumb Bunny Hop-Hop

In honor of one of my favorite holidays and one of my favorite books, I am holding a 'Dumb Bunny Hop-Hop'. So hop on over and link up. You may just win one of the funniest Junie B. Jones books ever. And just so you don't trip up when it comes to the rules, here they are:

1. Write about the competition on your blog. (1 entry point)
2. Tweet about the hop. Make sure I have your link. (1 entry point)
3. Comment on this post, telling me the name of your favorite Junie B. book.(1 point)
4. Email me a picture of you doing the bunny hop. (10 entry points) Your pic will be posted if you do this. (just for fun/totally optional)

The person with the most points will win! In the event of a tie, I will put the names in a hat and have one of my children pull a name out.

Contest Ends at midnight on Easter Eve. The winner will be announced on Easter.


  1. Ugh! I just cannot get past the grammatical problems in these books! Sorry, Jess, can't participate in this one ;)

  2. Jai, Jai, Jai,
    You just have to get past the fact that the MC is a five year old girl. What five year old speaks grammatically correct? If you think about it that way, Barbara Park is brilliant. She channels her inner five year old perfectly.

    Besides, when teachers read the books to kids, it's a perfect chance to correct the grammar. Some of us even use it as our daily oral grammar correction.

    But if you're not going to love the book as much as I do, I appreciate you not participating. And I guess we can still be friends. LOL:) Maybe. LOL:)