Saturday, December 4, 2010

Waasup, Friends?

If cloud nine were an actual place and that's where people really went when they were ecstatic, then I'd have to say that I'm its latest resident. Not only was I lucky enough to be a finalist in last month's Storybird challenge; but yesterday, I found out that I won a mansucript review from a published author, courtesy of Tara Lazar and her lovely PiBiIdMo challenge. Thank you, Tara!

So if you've been wondering why it's been eerily silent on my blog lately, those are just a few of the reasons. It's not because I don't love you anymore, because I totally do-fervently, in fact. I've just been keeping busy this month.

In addition to all of those things, I'm smack-dab in the middle of final edits for a few of my pb manuscripts,and I've finally mustered up enough courage to send them out. This is huge!

And just so I don't go completely batty while I'm waiting, I also plan on entering a few more contests along the way, just to keep my mind busy. You know what they say about watched pots and all, they never boil. So I think it's important to keep busy while I wait for acceptance or rejection, don't you?

So my questions to you are these: What are you up to? What do you do while you wait? Well, other than your day job, and parenting. And do you have good news that you'd like to celebrate on this blog? Because I am in a celebrating kind of mood this month. Let's all celebrate together!


  1. That's fantastic Jessica, congratulations! If you find any competitions I'm allowed in please let me know! You sound very busy and it's christmas season, well done you.

    I have decided to leave pbs for a while and crack on with my crazy rhyming MG novel. When I've finished the first draft I'll go back to some pb ideas. Also I am trying to find a home for some zoo poems. (But you know all that already)

    Celebrate away and do let us know as soon as you hear anything. Good Luck!

  2. Congratulations on winning the MS review!

  3. @The Golden Eagle, thanks! I've been very blessed this last month.

    @Catherine, What? Don't give up! Pb writing is not easy, but it's so much fun. And we're finally starting to get the hang of this whole meter thing. Who am I am going to talk to if you take a break? No! I refuse to let you go!

  4. Congratulations on winning the manuscript review! And good luck with the editing... man, I HATE editing (I am in the middle of it, too...) I also am WAITING. I have my first Cozy due to my editor Dec. 31, and at the moment my agent is reading it... hopefully will get either reassurance or easy fixes there...

  5. How cool for you, good luck on everything!

  6. I am soooooo very happy for you, Jessica! Congratulations and hugs all around! You MUST let us all know how the MS review goes!

    I just submitted my first sub....although it was just two poems over on and not for my picture book (yet) I'll be waiting those dreaded 8 weeks too! At least I will be doing the whole working Mom thing...and reading....and writing...and, and, and.... :)

  7. Jessica,
    Did you know that you also won the Book Markets for Children's Writers 2010 from me? I just need your mailing address. My e-mail is wildbike @

    Congrats on the critique. I'm so jealous! That's awesome on being a finalist on Storybird, too!

  8. Hi Jess, I'm not on a break from pbs as such, it's not that long since I wrote the space story. I just want to get cracking with my novel and I am so inspired right now to write poetry. Just for you I'll pick a pb up soon :)

    Have you decided which story you are going to have critiqued?

  9. Congratulations Jess. Very blessed indeed. It's a big step to get to the point of submitting, so I'll be sending all my good vibes your way.

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  12. @Julie, thanks! I need it! Of course, I'm sending my good vibes back to you as well.

    @Catherine, no I haven't. Which one do you think I should send? Send me a little message letting me know which one you like in our pb group. I'm curious as to which one you think I should send.

    @Christie, I'll send you my address today. Yay! And did you finally get your copy of The Hallo-Weiner? I hope that you like it!

    @Jai, Thanks! And good luck with your submissions. I'm sure we'll hear good news from you soon. I'm sending good thoughts your way.

    @Missy, Thanks!I need all the luck that I can get. Sometimes that's the only thing that makes the difference. You could have a great story, but if it doesn't end up at the right place, at the right time, you never get signed. Hopefully, my good luck will hold:)

    @Hart, that's great news! I'd love that kind of waiting. It sound likes you are well into the publishing journey. Just out of curiousity, is your book a pb or something else? I'd love to interview you and pick your brain. You'd be my first interview:)Here's my email if you're interested If you are too busy, though, I totally understand:)