Saturday, December 11, 2010

Video From The World Quidditch Cup

It used to be the that the highest honor that an author could achieve was having his/her own book published, and maybe, if they they were lucky, winning an award or two. But nowadays, the skies the limit for our budding authors and authoresses. Having your book published is just one of the wonderful possibilities in store for writers today. Because in this century, there's movie deals, action figures, theme parks, bedding sets, pillows, fragrances, board games, etc. The list is endless.

And having said that, I'd like to introduce you to something that I just stumbled upon today. Something that we've only read about in books and dreamt about at night, but never really thought was possible-an intercollegiate Quidditch Cup. Yup, you heard me right. Quidditch is now an actual game that is played at nationally accredited colleges throughout the land. In fact, one of the most prestigous schools in the world, Harvard, is one of the participating colleges.

And that's not even the best part. The best part is that there's an actual rule book posted online. And how-to video, just in case you're not really into reading manuals. Heck, there's even an International Quidditch Association to consult if you want to learn even more.

So check it out. Better yet, start a team. If you do, I will gladly post pics of your team on my blog and tweet about you all the time. Because, honestly, as much as I think this is hysterical. I, also, think that it's quite possibly the coolest thing ever. It makes me miss my long lost college days, and wish that I could back, if only for just one little game of "Muggle Quidditch" and a few drinks of butter beer with friends.

How To Play Quidditch (as explained by ECQ players) from Lauren Milazzo on Vimeo.


  1. I wish I could play Quidditch around here. :D

  2. My school (University of Texas) has a Quidditch team, and I keep watching for them to have an open practise or something so I can go watch.

  3. @Golden Eagle, Me, too.

    @Su, That's pretty cool. You'll have to email me some pics, if you ever make it to one of the games or practices. It'd make a great follow-up post.