Thursday, June 17, 2010

So "they" say

Have you ever heard a friend, fellow wannabe writer, or loved one utter the words, "They say that you should start a blog to start getting your name out there." Or, "They say that you should start your own website to promote yourself. "Well, who the *&^% (in the world) is this "they" anyway?

Who is this mystic being who keeps telling me what to do with my life? Is/are "they" succesful? Is/are "they" someone that I should listen to? Does/do "they" have a webpage or blog that can read for myself, because seriously, who is "they"?

After much ponderance on the subject, I figure 'what could it hurt'? I gave in to the doubt and I listened to omniscient "they". I started this blog, Girl, Unpublished. After all, I am an adult now and realize the importance of following procedure. And,who am I to blow-off the advice of an all the knowing and all powerful "they"?

I've also started working on a website. It's incomplete, so I won't start pimping it out there just yet. But stay tuned for more details. I promise it will be 'all that and a bag of chips' when it's finished.

My question to my fellow wannabe writers is this, do you have a blog or website? Have you succumbed to the peer pressure of the wise and powerful "they"? Do you worry that listening to the "theys" in this world will come back and bite you in the buttocks some day? Because, I do.

I worry that I might be putting myself out there too soon. I worry that I have no work to my credit, so isn't that a little like the blind leading the blind? I worry that I won't be taken very seriously. Do you feel this way, too?

When I was younger-which is totally weird to say because I'm only 33 years old as of June 28th-I was always told to fake it, until I believed it. So, I guess that's my mantra. I am going to fake being a serious writer.

Not that I don't consider myself a writer, because I do. Anyone who thinks of nothing else but writing, is a writer. And,when I say 'wannabe writer' I mean that term affectionately. After all, I am one.

I simply mean that I am not published, yet. And until I am, I will conduct myself as if I already am published.

So what does that mean, exactly? What are my measurable goals? 1. I will work on my blog weekly. 2. I will work on my website bi-weekly. 3. I will write as often as this working mom can-semi daily. 4. And, I will put myself out there, even if I don't know all the answers just yet.

Who's with me? Lets share our struggles, adventures in writing, and triumphs together.

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  1. It worked for Julie and Julia. Who knows? At least you get to practice.