Thursday, May 27, 2010


A Stanfordism is a direct quote from the lips of Jessica Stanford. We all have little "isms" that we make up throughout the years. When we reveal our "isms", we open up a tiny window to our very souls. Feel free to comment with one of your "isms" or life quotes.

Stanfordism #1 ( For Teachers during homeroom)
Are you doing something other than one of the 5 "ings"?
1. sitting
2. eating
3. reading
4. testing
5. or sharpening
If the answer is yes, you will be "changing" your color. (aka getting in trouble)

Stanfordism #2 (For Writers)
For a writer, writing is as involuntary and life sustaining as taking a breath or the beating of one's own heart; take away his/her pen, and the writer will surely die.

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