Sunday, May 23, 2010

I Blame Dr. Seuss!

We've all read the countless blogs and articles about rhyme versus prose. To sum it up, editors and publishers loathe stories that rhyme. Apparently, reading stories that rhyme is like eating spinach-beneficial, but hard to swallow. And while some rhyming stories are still being published, there are thousands of these stories in slush piles throughout the country.

My first set of questions is directed toward the children's writers out there. Has this recent trend in publishing stopped you from trying to write stories that rhyme? Have you abandoned your love of rhyme, and started writing only stories in prose? Or, do plan on waiting out this ridiculous trend in publishing?

My second set of questions is directed toward the parents of children readers. Since you are the book purchasers, your opinion matters a lot. What types of stories do you buy for your children? Do some of these books have rhyme? Do you agree that there are too many rhyming books in the marketplace? And lastly, what is your favorite children's book of all time?

As a writer of both rhyme and prose manuscripts, I do have a preference. When I write, I prefer to write in rhyme. When I purchase books for my children, I buy books in rhyme. If I really think about it, this could be due to the fact that my children are five and under. I think as writers, we tend to write what we know. Right now, I know everything there is to know about what boys five and under like to read.

But if I'm really being honest, I blame Dr. Seuss. The Cat in the Hat, was the first book that I ever read on my own. And you know what they say about firsts, you never, ever forget them.

Dr. Seuss was/is the greatest children's writer of all time. He was a wordsmith. He was a captain of the imagination. He was a rhyming legend. And because of that, we celebrate a week in his honor, once a year. Now can you think of another author that has that kind of honor? I can't.

Rhyming, when done well, is a masterpiece of words. Rhyming, when done well, will stand the test of time. Rhyming, when done well, will sell, sell, sell.

So I won't stop rhyming. No matter what the trend is, I will write what I feel. Now matter what the trend is, I will write what I enjoy reading.

I will rhyme in my house
I will rhyme with my spouse.
I will rhyme in the yard.
I will rhyme in a leotard.
I will rhyme on a bike.
I will rhyme with my cousin, Mike.
I will rhyme in the tub.
I will rhyme til’ my hand’s a nub.

I do, I do, so like to rhyme.
Please come on back, to my blog sometime.


  1. You have hit the nail on the head. Write what you like and the beauty will show through. (I like to rhyme too), but sometimes one gets frustrated from the ones at the top. Their ideals for what they want causes a stop. Don't stop writing what you like. Write for yourself, your neighbors, your kids! Put away the stops, pull off the lids. :) Write!

  2. I buy lots of books for children even though I am not a parent. I think they make the best gift, after all fostering the love of reading if a gift that keeps giving, or something like that. Anyway, whether it rhymes or not is never a factor for me. It needs to be a great story and beautifully illustrated.